ENCODE scientists publish mouse/human papers in Nature

November 26, 2014

IL10 locus, human top, mouse bottom

The ENCODE Team is excited to announce the publication of a set of papers from Mouse ENCODE featuring comparative analyses of the mouse and human genomes that came out in Nature, Science, PNAS and other journals (including three papers in Genome Research that were published last month).  These publications highlight the similarities and important differences between the mouse and human genomes, which has important implications for use of the mouse as a model for human health and disease.

Link to News and Views, with links to the main integrated paper and three companion papers in Nature: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v515/n7527/full/515346a.html

See www.mouseencode.org for complete information about the papers, data, and supporting material, including:

  • a simple tool to find candidate regulatory elements in the mouse genome, and
  • a comparative browser that supports side by side viewing of human and mouse annotations, with orthologous regions color coded.