Banff 2019

2019 CEEHRC IHEC Poster


This year’s IHEC Annual Meeting was successfully held along with the 6th Canadian Conference on Epigenetics organised by the Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) Network  on  November 17-20, 2019, at the Rimrock Resort, Banff, AB, Canada. It has been the largest gathering of Epigenetics researchers in Canada to date building on three very successful Canadian meetings (2016-2018) and seven IHEC Annual Meetings (2012-2018). 

While Sunday November 17 was dedicated to internal IHEC working group meetings, updates and discussions on future directions of the consortium, the meeting continued from November 18-20 with the “traditional” IHEC Science Days that were merged with the CEEHRC meeting this year. The three-day symposium fully packed with fascinating science combined talks from IHEC members, international and Canadian researchers including keynote speeches by Bing Reng (UC San Diego), Ellen Rothenberg (Caltech) and John Stamatoyannopoulos (University of Washington).

The next IHEC Meeting is set to take place in Kiel, Germany in September 2020.


2019 CEEHRC IHEC Poster


Event End Date
Wednesday, November 20th 2019
Event Start Date
Sunday, November 17th 2019