Berlin 2013

Welcome to Berlin!

IHEC Successfully holds Annual Meeting 2013 in German Capital.

From 10-12 November 2013 the historical “Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus”, located in the heart of Berlin on the famous Charité campus, became the venue for IHEC scientists and funding agency members from around the globe. With Germany having joined the consortium last year, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) had the pleasure to host this year’s annual meeting and to welcome 200 participants to Berlin.

IHEC can look back on a successful past year: “It was only a year ago at our meeting in Seoul that we saw for the first time what all the full member countries were planning to do. With all their mapping centers up and running, we had the first chance to coordinate our activities as a group and to set our reference standards. Now, a year later, there has been incredible progress”, Eric Marcotte, Chair of the IHEC Executive Committee, commented on the dynamic evolution of IHEC in the last months.

The three day meeting offered a rich conference programme including country updates, workgroup sessions and reports, high-level public statements as well as a premiere: The official meeting part was followed by the first “IHEC Science Days”, a scientific symposium which provided a selection of talks by internationally renowned scientists on their latest work and findings. After fruitful strategic discussions concerning the path forward for IHEC, the world-class symposium turned the spotlight to cutting-edge science and current hot topics in epigenomics research.

“With the IHEC Science Days we wanted to share the IHEC spirit of mutual cooperation and joint achievements with the research community at large – also outside IHEC”, Jörn Walter, coordinator of DEEP and head of this year’s local organizing team, explained the idea behind the IHEC Science Days, whose doors were open for everyone interested in epigenomics.

After an inspiring conference the IHEC community now looks forward to jointly moving forward and come together for the next annual meeting in Vancouver.

Presentations from the conference and additional pictures are now available for IHEC members on the Intranet.

Video clips from IHEC 2013

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Annual Meeting 2013 Berlin Event Clip

Annual Meeting 2013 Berlin Event Clip

What is the particular benefit of IHEC for the research community?

Amanda Fisher

Imperial College London, UK

Why do you think are epigenomics research programs so important?

John Satterlee

National Institute of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA

Where does epigenomics research stand today?

Henk Stunnenberg

Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

What is your vision with regard to IHEC?

Thomas Jenuwein

Max Planck Institute Freiburg, Germany

What is your personal motivation related to IHEC?

Kazu Ushijima

National Cancer Centre Research Institute, Japan

Why do we need a big concerted effort such as IHEC in epigenomic research?

Peter Jones

University of Southern California, USA

What is fascinating about being part of IHEC?

Paul Flicek

European Bioinformatics Institute Hinxton, UK

Quantitative Interaction Proteomics for Epigenetics


UMC Utrecht, NL

The Integrative Genomics Viewer

James Robinson

Broad Institute, Boston, USA

Genomic patterns and context specific interpretation of DNA methylation

Dirk Schübeler

FMI Basel, CH

A Pre-competitive Partnership, to Accelerate Functional Studies with Epigenetic Proteins and the Discovery of Pioneer Medicines

Chas Bountra

SGC Oxford, UK

Integrating epigenetic data for understanding genome function

Paul Flicek

European Bioinformatics Institute Hinxton, UK

Epigenetic Remodeling and Replication Timing in Cancer

Susan Clark

Garvan Institute, NSW, Australia

Computational Approaches to Aid and Exploit Epigenomic Information

Steven Jones


Emerging Landscape of actionable oncogenic signatures across diverse tumor types

Chris Sander


Towards Deciphering the Landscape of DNA Methylation Changes in B-cell Malgnancies

Reiner Siebert

Kiel University, DE


Event clip

Impressions from IHEC 2013

IHEC Group Picture
Jörn Walter, DEEP Coordinator and Host
Eric Marcotte, Chair of IHEC Executive Committee
Exchanging Ideas
Meeting Venue: Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus
Overall IHEC Update
Poster Session
Workgroup Discussion
IHEC Meeting Material
Scientific Discussion
Lecture Hall in Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus
IHEC Science Days