Request for Information (RFI): Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Nuclear Organization in Space and Time (4D Nucleome)

July 18, 2018

In 2015, the NIH launched the “4D Nucleome” (4DN) Common Fund Program that aims to understand the principles underlying nuclear organization in space and time, the role nuclear organization plays in gene expression and cellular function, and how changes in nuclear organization affect normal development as well as various diseases ( ).  The initial phase of the 4DN Program includes five years of support for twenty-nine Cooperative Agreement awards ( ) and ten smaller two-year projects ( ). 4DN data, reagents, software and tools are shared with the larger scientific community through the 4DN community portal ( ).

As this program draws to a close in late 2019, we seek input from the scientific community on the challenges that remain towards a comprehensive analysis of the mammalian 4D Nucleome through the following Request for Information (RFI):

Please take the time to share your thoughts with us. Written comments should be emailed to  All responses must be submitted by Monday, August 6th, 2018, in order to be reviewed by the NIH Program Staff. Please include the Notice number, NOT-RM-18-017, in the subject line. Response to this RFI is voluntary and confidential. NIH will confirm receipt of RFI comments via returned email, but RFI respondents will not receive any individualized feedback from Program Staff.