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IHEC is committed to rapidly share research outcomes with epigenetic scientists around the globe.

In November 2016, IHEC scientists released a collection of 41 coordinated publications in Cell, Cell Press-associated and other high-impact journals.

Moreover, please take a look at the various publications originating from the individual research endeavors related to IHEC by following the link to the respective project websites.

IHEC Cell Papers

The collection of 41 coordinated papers published by scientists from across IHEC consists of a set of 24 manuscripts released as a package in Cell and Cell Press-associated journals, and an additional 17 papers published in other high-impact journals.

Key research findings presented in the collection can be collated into four broad categories with a first group of papers presenting a series of molecular and computational approaches to deconvolute distinct epigenomic signatures from tissues that contain a mix of different cell types.

A second group of publications highlights IHEC’s significant efforts and investments to develop new computational tools for the access, distribution and sharing of epigenomic data via various channels to the community. The IHEC Data Portal is one example of the tools developed to bolster the more than 7,000 datasets and make them accessible for widespread usage in biology and medicine.

In a third category, datasets produced by IHEC members were used to investigate molecular mechanisms underlying different cellular processes in normal and abnormal cell development. These analyses may in future help doctors to target the right treatments to the right patients.

A fourth group of papers in the collection uses epigenomic information to characterize how genetic variants affect the expression of genes, and how these genes in turn contribute to disease.

The full collection of IHEC papers is available at: http://www.cell.com/consortium/IHEC

Cell Press Special Edition IHEC Collection

Courtesy of Cell Press

Individual Publications from IHEC-associated Projects