Policies and Guidelines

As outlined in the overall IHEC Policy Document, central goals of IHEC – in a so-called first phase – were to define and coordinate the production of reference maps of human epigenomes for key cellular states relevant to health and diseases, to facilitate rapid distribution of the data to the research community, and to accelerate translation of this new knowledge to improve human health.

In the face of ongoing technological advances and rapidly evolving epigenomics research, IHEC has now entered into a second phase. Building on the achievements of the first phase, IHEC members have started to expand their focus from data generation to the application of these datasets through coordinated data assessment, integrative analyses and interpretation with the goal of providing a standardized framework for clinical translation of epigenetic knowledge. These new directions including the incorporation additional fields of activity within IHEC have led to the generation of an IHEC Phase II Roadmap Document.

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